About us

We supply, install and maintain wholesale carrier-grade access networks to connect buildings, communities, people and things

Our access network delivers high-speed internet and other communication services to end-user consumers via our service providers. We offer a broadband access network similar to other national providers and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years.

Opticomm works at the forefront of the industry, investing in future-focused technologies and delivering more than just internet over our fibre.

In fact, we’re one of the largest independent providers of broadband access networks, offering an alternate way for Australians to connect. For developers who want to work with a Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) that is independent, offers flexibility and guarantees fibre access with over 50 service providers, we’re the independent provider of choice. For residents who want to achieve more online; faster. Our access network is built to support the growing bandwidth needs of today and tomorrow.

Our solutions

With a nimble approach, our team of experts offer bespoke designs, streamlined packages and turnkey solutions based on the needs of each development or community.

  • Wholesale open access networks

    Wholesale open access networks

    We design, own and operate fibre-based open access wholesale networks in residential, commercial and lifestyle communities. As a broadband wholesaler, we’re responsible for the infrastructure that connects to a premises. We then provide layer 2 open access to our service providers, who create end-user offerings and plans powered by the Opticomm network. These are the home internet plans enjoyed by many existing residents in communities connected by Opticomm.

  • Community connect

    Community connect

    With industry partners, we enable developers and councils to install public Wi-Fi infrastructure and other connectivity value-adds, such as smart poles, security services and IoT enabled networks. We streamline network infrastructure in one easy-to-manage environment, which is the key to optimising results, maximising value, reducing complexity and minimising expenses.

Our difference

We continue to challenge the way wholesale network solutions are designed and delivered.

Built on expertise

With over 15 years of experience, we’re one of the first licenced carriers to introduce wholesale open access networks across Australia.

Built for choice

We’re an independent wholesaler with one of the largest service provider communities in the market.

Built on fibre

We deliver quality Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) access networks, that help create reliable, sustainable and faster communities. Built for tomorrow, today.

Built on future-focused technology

We own and operate one of the fastest access networks available in Australia today. Plus, we’re continuing to invest in upgrading our infrastructure to support multi-gigabit speeds1 in the future.

Built for solutions

We invest in technology and partner ecosystems that enable the right solution for developments, cities and communities. We’re a true partner for the long term.

Built on trust

We view each project as unique and we’re dedicated to ensuring quality, compliance and delivery on-time and within budget.

Corporate responsibility

At Opticomm we base our standards on best practice.

  1. References to speed are in relation to the capacity of the underlying network infrastructure. The actual speeds delivered will be less than the theoretical maximum of the retail service you purchase, due to equipment and network factors outside the network provider and/or Retail Service Providers (RSPs) control. Your broadband experience and speeds will depend upon a number of factors including the plans supported by your RSP as well as the configuration over which services are delivered to your premises and, whether you are using the internet during busy periods.