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Build your Build to Rent community on the right foundations

Build to Rent (BTR) developments are becoming the new way to live in Australia, providing residents with flexibility and security. Vibrant, liveable BTR communities require the right foundations and amenities for residents to live, work, play, learn and thrive, today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

Our BTR network solutions offer residents a full fibre connection to their home, and through our Community Connect solution, we can help create truly engaging, safe and smart communities by connecting a range of smart devices and automated technologies to our fibre network.

Opticomm has over 15 years’ experience supplying network solutions to developments across Australia.

With Opticomm at the core of your BTR development you can:

Deliver on time

With dedicated project support for every development, we can ensure our services are designed, delivered, and installed on time. So, your residents can access to superfast internet when they move in.

Enable future-ready communities

Now more than ever, residents need access to a fast and reliable network that can keep pace with the growing need for high-speed connectivity. Many of our phone and internet providers offer residents plans of up 1Gbps* today, and our network is built to support multi-gigabit speeds and can scale to even faster in the future.

Ensure quality, reliability and compliance

We understand that resident experience is important to your development and invest in our network to ensure reliability and scale. And because we are a fully licensed carrier with an ACCC-approved functional separation undertaking – we can ensure that your development is compliant, avoiding future costs or potential loss of revenue.

How it works

Our Build to Rent offering has been developed to provide flexibility, deliver quality connectivity and help ensure compliant developments.


Secures the development and engages Opticomm to deliver the FTTP network.

Agrees commercial terms with Opticomm.


Builds the FTTP network, on time and within budget. 

Developer or building operator​

Chooses a Build to Rent phone and internet providerand agrees on commercial termsand deployment options.


Move in and connect to superfast internet, from their chosen service provider. 

Choose the right provider and terms for your development.

No two developments are the same. We have a wide range of phone and internet providers for BTR developers and building operators to choose from. The providers will partner with you to offer a variety of commercial offers, deploymeant options and plans for residents.

Aussie Broadband

BGP Telecom


Connected Australia



Uniti Internet

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* Actual speeds will depend on factors including your service provider plan and design decisions.