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  • Troubleshooting and getting your service set up
  • Loss of phone or internet connection including outages/dropouts
  • Concerns about speed
  • Missing equipment

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  • Follow up on an existing enquiry
  • Ask any questions about getting connected to our network
  • Report damage to property of Opticomm Networks
  • Report a TV fault
  • Get help with new developments, new build or subdivision applications

Report a TV fault

To report a fault with your television reception, please complete our ‘Report a TV fault’ form below. A member of our team will then get in touch within 2 business days.

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What's Opticomm's role versus my internet provider?

Opticomm is a wholesale access network provider. We build, own, and manage the fibre network that connects from your home to the internet backbone via your preferred service provider. Learn more about the role of Opticomm and our service providers below:

Role of Opticomm

Opticomm is a wholesale network operator of the ‘access’ part of the network. Opticomm delivers your service and acts as one link in the chain of network providers that your service provider utilises to deliver an internet, telephone or Foxtel service.

Role of your service provider

Your contract for internet, telephone or Foxtel services is with your service provider and your service provider is responsible for the end-to-end delivery and support of your service. Service providers are responsible for placing service calls and following up any wholesalers they use to deliver your service.

Browse other useful information

  • Network capacity and your service

    Network capacity and your service

    Opticomm’s network has more than sufficient capacity to provide the high speeds required by today’s bandwidth-hungry internet users. The Opticomm network easily delivers the bandwidth that each of our service providers have purchased from us.

    Please note: Opticomm offers many product options to our service providers. Your experience, including speeds depends on the plans purchased and design decisions made by the service provider such as traffic class allocations, end-user equipment, quality of the home wiring, among other factors. Please contact your internet service provider for further information or if you are experiencing problems.

  • Free-to-air TV

    Free-to-air TV

    Once the Opticomm Fibre to the-Premises (FTTP) network connection has been completed, free-to-air TV (FTA TV) will be available if you are within an Opticomm estate that provides FTA television services. Opticomm reticulates all the digital channels, which means you do not require an antenna on your roof to receive a signal.

    As part of the arrangement with the developer, Opticomm has also agreed to deliver the network to every home in the estate. You can get access to the television signals without having to order any other services. As long as your home has been correctly wired, we will deliver the television via the optical fibre network free of charge.

    To get your TV connected with Opticomm, complete and submit the connection request form prior to moving into your home.

  • Reporting Free-to-air TV faults

    Reporting Free-to-air TV faults

    Before reporting any television service fault, you should ensure you have checked for any problems within your home or with your equipment. Try following the frequently asked questions to troubleshoot your problem. Many issues are simply the result of faulty home wiring or tuning problems on the TV or set top box.

  • Lodging a service call for internet, phone and Foxtel

    Lodging a service call for internet, phone and Foxtel

    Opticomm is a wholesale access provider and is restricted by law from providing direct assistance to end-users for internet, phone and Foxtel faults or problems. Please contact your service provider directly to lodge any issues. If your service provider tells you to contact Opticomm, please inform the customer service representative that they need to lodge the fault with Opticomm on your behalf if they deem the issue relates to Opticomm’s part of the network.

  • Dial before you dig

    Dial before you dig

    Network cabling is underground, so remember to dial before you dig.