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We own and operate one of the highest-speed access networks available today

Our network is built with high-bandwidth, power-saving, sustainable ‘green’ technology, and is designed to meet tomorrow’s bandwidth needs, today.

We closely monitor emerging technologies and invest in our infrastructure to create a clear upgrade path that will meet the capacity demands of Australians for decades to come. We actively manage our network’s reliability and capacity by performing proactive maintenance to ensure that there is more than enough capacity during peak times.

Our network is built with security as a priority. We use industry-leading switching and routing infrastructure that’s designed to comply with the strictest global security requirements.

We provide a cost-effective state-based network aggregation model which makes it simpler for our service providers to operate without having to build backhaul to Point-of-Interconnects (POIs). This increases the reliability of our network and supports a better customer experience than the standard distributed POI model used by other wholesale network access providers.

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We’re trusted by leading developers to deliver on-time and within budget.