With Opticomm at the core of your development, you can:

Deliver on-time

We ensure our services are designed, delivered and installed on-time. You can be confident that your fibre is working when your development launches. We provide a complete end-to-end solution and dedicated support that’s managed in-house for every development.

With an Australian based call centre and network operations centre, we’ve got your back.

Give your residents flexibility and choice

We offer a wider range of service providers than other independent fibre access suppliers. And with 1Gbps plans available from some of our service providers, you can give customers the freedom to choose a plan that suits their needs.

Reduce risk and maintain compliance

We understand the importance of compliance at every stage of the development process.

We construct fully-compliant access networks in accordance with the Telecommunications in New Developments (TIND) policy, and the registered Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) carrier obligations.

Make it simpler

We can integrate otherwise separate networks and services into a single fibre cable, saving the need for duplicate cabling and other infrastructure. Further, fibre offers the fastest speeds on the market.

Create beautiful spaces

All our communications infrastructure is underground, which eliminates unsightly structures and creates modern, better connected, aesthetically pleasing communities.

We’re built on better

At Opticomm we own and operate one of the fastest access networks available in Australia today. We’re on a mission, one fibre at a time, to help Australians connect better. That’s why we’re passionate about continuing to invest in our network and people. When you’re connected with Opticomm you’ll know your next development is built on better .

Connecting one of Australia’s fastest buildings

East Tower, Melbourne Quarter, built by Lendlease and set in the heart of Melbourne, is a place of transformation and movement, built to offer residents a uniquely Melbourne lifestyle. All underpinned by Opticomm’s superfast network that’s built for tomorrow, today.