Velocity upgrade and transition

Life’s about to get a whole lot better

We’re upgrading the access network in South Brisbane and Velocity Estates, and now you can switch to faster and more reliable internet. So whatever way you internet – gaming, shopping, watching or working – life’s about to get better.

A world class fibre network Built on better™

Not all fibre is created equal. In fact, our upgraded wholesale network not only delivers superfast speeds, it’s also built on next-generation technology that’s designed to keep pace with change. So now you can get the benefits of a network that’s built for tomorrow – today.

Better speeds

Get immediate access to speeds up to 1Gbps.1 Our network is built to support multi-gigabit speeds and scale with growing demand.

Better choice

Enjoy the freedom to choose from a wide range of phone and internet providers. So now you can shop around for the perfect plan to suit your needs and budget.

Better connectivity

Relax with increased bandwidth that delivers a reliable connection. Now more people can use more devices more of the time, with less dropouts and lagging.

How to get your internet on with Opticomm

Transitioning to the Opticomm access network is straightforward but not automatic. The transition will happen area-by-area. So when it comes time to switch, here’s what to do – just follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Check your address

Use our online address checker for an estimated connection date. Your current service provider will also let you know when your area is ready for order.

2. Choose a service provider

Once your area is ready for order, you’ll need to contact a phone and internet provider. There’s a wide range of providers to choose from, so you can find a plan that’s best for you.

3. Book a technician visit

An Opticomm approved technician will need to upgrade your connection equipment at your premises. Some service providers book this for you, while others ask you to book directly with Opticomm online using our address checker.

Want to know more?

What will happen when?

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What is FTTP?

Understand how FTTP connections work with our guide.

Transition roadmap

You can learn more about the transition and expected dates by checking your address. You can also view the transition roadmap below. Please note that information regarding the transitioning areas (referred to as “FDH Areas” in that document) and dates will change over time. The dates provided in that document are indicative only and should not be relied on as final timelines.2

  1. Actual speeds will depend on factors including your service provider plan and design decisions.
  2. Timelines are indicative only at this stage and subject to change without notice. Opticomm does not warrant or represent any information available via the address search tool, or that the tool is complete, accurate or free from errors or omission.