Velocity transition and upgrade

Life’s about to get a whole lot better

We’ve upgraded the fibre network in South Brisbane and in Velocity Estates across the country, so you can benefit from a network that’s built to support superfast speeds and a reliable connection.

However you internet – gaming, shopping, watching or working – life’s about to get better.

The most important thing for you to do is to contact your chosen phone and internet provider to discuss your needs and the next steps to get connected.


A world-class fibre network built on better®

Not all connectivity is created equal. Unlike other access technologies, our fibre network has a near-infinite capacity to support your growing bandwidth needs. So as your needs change, the network will be able to keep pace today, tomorrow and for decades to come. Plus, when you transition to Opticomm, you’ll benefit from: 

Better choice

Don’t be limited to a handful of internet providers. Because we’re an infrastructure provider, enjoy the freedom to choose from a range of providers that offer phone and internet services over our network. Shop around for the perfect plan to suit your needs and budget.

Better speeds

Do more faster, simultaneously. Choose a plan with fast speeds and increased bandwidth that will support a reliable connection, even at busy times of the day*. So, now more people can use more devices more of the time, with fewer dropouts and less lag1.

Better connectivity

Be ready for tomorrow, today. The demand for bandwidth is not slowing down, our network is delivered using next-generation technology that supports multi-gigabit speeds, so that as your needs grow the network will be able to keep pace – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Making the switch from Telstra Velocity to the Opticomm network

The network transition will be rolled out on an area-by-area basis. When it’s time for your area to connect to Opticomm, here’s what you need to do to make the switch to better:

Check your address

You can also use our online address checker tool to learn more about the status of your property when it’s time to make the switch.

Learn more about getting connected to the Opticomm network.

When your area is ready, contact your chosen phone and internet provider

Once the Opticomm network upgrade is ready in your area and it’s time to connect (we call this ready for order), it’s time to contact your chosen phone and internet provider to place an order. You can stay with your current service provider or select from the wide range of service providers offering plans powered by Opticomm.

To keep connected and avoid disruption or disconnection of your services, we recommend that you place an order with your chosen service provider at least one week before your address is scheduled to make the switch.

  • Your chosen service provider will also let you know, based on your chosen plan and the equipment at your home, any next steps you need to take.
    • Based on the equipment at your home, in some cases, the speeds available will be capped during transition and a technician appointment will be required after transition to access enhanced speeds.
  • We recommend that you check with your chosen provider if your current modem requires upgrading when you place an order, to help ensure the best possible service.
  • If you don’t have active services on the legacy Telstra Velocity network, but you want to connect, make sure you contact your phone and internet provider and they will advise next steps. 


In some circumstances ahead of transition, you may only be able to see lower speed plans. Make sure you talk to your service provider about the speed you need and a technician appointment can be scheduled post transition to upgrade your plan.

Has your area already transitioned to the Opticomm network and you want to connect?

It’s never too late to experience better, simply contact your chosen phone and internet provider to place an order today.

Remember Opticomm is a wholesale infrastructure provider; this means that we provide the fibre infrastructure that connects your home to the internet, and phone and internet providers then offer phone and/or internet plans to you over our network.

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Transition roadmap

You can learn more about the transition and expected dates by checking your address. You can also view the transition roadmap and schedule below. Please note that information regarding the transitioning areas (referred to as ‘FDH (Fibre Distribution Hub) Areas’ in these documents) and dates will change over time. The dates provided in these documents are indicative only and should not be relied on as final timelines.2

Telstra and Opticomm Statutory Infrastructure Provider Agreed Operational Measures

Telstra and Opticomm are designated as statutory infrastructure providers in South Brisbane and Velocity Estates. The document below sets out the operational measures agreed between Telstra and Opticomm to enable Telstra or Opticomm, as relevant, to comply with a request by a carriage service provider under the Statutory Infrastructure Provider regime.

  1. Actual speeds and performance will depend on factors including your service provider, the equipment at your home, chosen plan and design decisions.
  2. Timelines are indicative only at this stage and are subject to change without notice. Opticomm does not warrant or represent any information available via the address search tool, or that the tool is complete, accurate or free from errors or omission.