About us Why fibre?

Need a reliable, scalable and consistent, online experience, no matter the time of day or how many devices are connected? You need fibre

If you need to connect multiple devices or smart things so that you can stream, video conference, work, learn or game from home, then you require stable, high capacity, low-latency internet. You need fibre. Luckily, we’ve got lots of it.

Many wireless access types make promises about speeds. However, 5G and wireless technologies aren’t able to meet all the needs of today’s users in today’s connectivity-obsessed world. A full-fibre network can potentially deliver an impressive 1Gbp of information per second and the rapid advances in network infrastructure technologies offer a potential pathway to accelerate this by 1,000 times. Often, it’s what we call the last mile or the access that limits the ability to experience the benefits of fibre.

The benefits of fibre


Go faster, upload, download and achieve more online.


Get a reliable, smooth and consistent experience – even during peak times.

Connect more

Multiple people can be online and have the same experience, without compromising on the quality of your connection.

Want fibre?

Opticomm is a wholesaler provider and responsible for the infrastructure that connects homes, buildings, people and things within our community footprint to the internet.


The first step is to check if your address is currently connected, or scheduled to be connected to our fibre broadband access network.


Planning a new development? Make sure it’s built on fibre.