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Whether you’re browsing, learning, working from home or connecting multiple devices, the Opticomm access network is built to support the internet needs of tomorrow, today.  Find out today if your address is ready to connect.

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Learn more about getting connected

Connecting your new home

Here’s how to get started with Opticomm in your new house or apartment.

Moving into a connected premises

Learn how to get started if you’ve moved into a premises that is already connected to the Opticomm access network.

Switching from the Velocity network

Are you making the switch from Telstra’s legacy network (including Velocity and South Brisbane exchange) to the upgraded Opticomm access network? Find out how to make the switch.

Opticomm in your community

Opticomm are working with numerous councils and government bodies across Australia to build more fibre networks so that residents will be able to enjoy superfast, reliable broadband. Find out more about our fibre network rollout projects.

Remember to choose a service provider

As Opticomm is a network wholesaler, you’ll need to contact your preferred service provider and choose a plan that suits your needs.

Useful information

About Opticomm

Learn more about Opticomm and what we do.

Why is fibre better?

Learn more about the benefits of a fibre network.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Report a TV fault

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Resources and Guides

To ensure your home or business premises have been prepared in accordance with industry guidelines for internal wiring, please review our preparation and installation guides.

Opticomm is a wholesale provider of access networks. We have built a network to suit the bandwidth needs of Australia today and well into the future. Opticomm offers many product options to our service providers. Your experience, including speeds depends on the plans purchased and design decisions made by the service provider such as traffic class allocations, end-user equipment, quality of the home wiring, among other factors. Please contact your internet service provider for further information or if you are experiencing problems.