Residents Moving into an Opticomm connected community

Steps to getting connected

Are you moving into an Opticomm connected community, with a premises that’s already connected to our access network?
Getting started is simple:

  • 1. Check your address

    1. Check your address

    The address search tool will confirm if your property is within an Opticomm connected community and if the equipment on premises requires installation or any work before you can connect.

    The search will return a list of properties which match the entered address. Simply select the one which best matches your property.

  • 2. Contact your preferred service provider

    2. Contact your preferred service provider

    Once your address is ready to receive services over the Opticomm access network, the next step is to contact your preferred service provider and choose a plan that suits your needs.

  • 3. Enjoy your new services

    3. Enjoy your new services

    The Opticomm access network is built on future-focused technology so that you can stay connected to what matters most. If your needs change, please contact your service provider.

What's Opticomm's role versus my internet provider?

Opticomm is a wholesale access network provider. We build, own, and manage the fibre network that connects from your home to the internet backbone via your preferred service provider. Learn more about the role of Opticomm and our service providers below:

Role of Opticomm

Opticomm is a wholesale network operator of the ‘access’ part of the network. Opticomm delivers your service and acts as one link in the chain of network providers that your service provider utilises to deliver an internet, telephone or Foxtel service.

Role of your service provider

Your contract for an internet, telephone or Foxtel service is with your service provider and as such, your service provider is responsible for the end-to-end delivery and support of your service. Service providers are responsible for placing service calls and following up any wholesale access providers they used to deliver your service.