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Our personalised approach will help simplify your network, provide you with flexibility and improve cost efficiencies – without compromising on quality.

The rising expectations of residents and citizens are also driving cities and communities to deliver robust, user-friendly and digitally-enabled services. The challenge for the planners of cities today is to deploy infrastructure that supports smart things driven by maturing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. As planners now need to cater for the connectivity of each sensor and IP-enabled thing in the environment, we’re seeing more sensors and the need for more bandwidth. To meet these increased needs, the right network is foundational and must be built to support a multi-point distributed network that carries various data types. We work with developers to innovate, design and manage networks to support smarter, more connected cities and communities.

Bring together buildings, people and data to create an intelligent and sustainable ecosystem

At Opticomm, we install fibre to support smart cities and enable you to connect more things than ever before.

Create sustainable spaces

Our fibre supports sustainable and green technology such as environmental monitoring, automated energy management and energy usage monitoring systems for homes, large buildings and communities.

Make safer communities

Our versatile fibre also supports closed circuit-TV, security monitoring, intercoms and smart analytics that can detect behaviours and generate automatic alarms in situations such as loitering, tailgating and paths of movement.

We offer more than access networks. Our technology and approach simplify your infrastructure to provide flexibility and cost efficiency – without compromising on quality.

We operate across the infrastructure to unify connectivity in high-density smart cities developments and intelligent building systems. This transforms network infrastructure into one easy-to-manage and streamlined environment, which ensures optimal results, maximum value, minimal costs and reduces expenses.

We design, supply and install the building blocks
for smart cities, precincts and communities

With industry partners, we enable councils and developers to install  infrastructure that supports the broad spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that operate over our network.

Autonomous vehicles

Security, CCTV & public safety

Community Wi-Fi

Building automation

Environmental monitoring

Connected homes

Connected buildings

Connected parks

Utility monitoring

Traffic monitoring

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We pride ourselves on our nimble and personal approach to service and network solutions that are delivered on-time and within budget. When your community is connected by Opticomm, you can be certain it’s built on betterTM.