Developers Residential apartment developments

Develop smarter apartment complexes that give residents access to a higher standard of connectivity

We make it easier for developers to create faster and more connected buildings that inspire and delight residents.

Our flexible solutions are designed to cater for users as they move around, by helping new tenants and residents be online while they’re still unpacking. And, we’re continuing to invest in our fibre-based access network so that our infrastructure can support multi-gigabit speeds1 in the near future.

For developers who want to work with a Statutory Infrastructure Provider (SIP) that is independent, offers flexibility and guarantees fibre access, Opticomm is the provider of choice.

With Opticomm at the core of your community, you can:

Maximise your investment

By integrating otherwise separate networks into one, Opticomm allows to support multiple connected services and things on a single network. This is key to reducing implementation capital expenditure, minimising environmental impact and reducing ongoing implementation and maintenance costs.

Delight with freedom and choice

We offer a wider range of service providers than other independent wholesale access providers. Your residents will have the freedom to choose the right provider and internet plan to suit their needs.

One fibre cable can do it all

We can design and install FTTP networks to connect a range of buildings and facilities.


Car parks & access gates

Recreation areas


Common areas

With industry partners, we enable councils and developers to install the infrastructure to support a broad spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that operate over our network.


Public Wi-Fi

Free-to-air & pay TV

Security & CCTV

Access control

Visitor intercom

Building management systems

Utility monitoring

One Central Park

Opticomm’s superfast fibre optic network connects Central Park’s next generation of telecommunication and building automation systems. The network provides internet, phone, Foxtel, Free to air TV, video intercom, CCTV and connectivity for the energy monitoring system.

Discover our difference

We pride ourselves on our nimble and personal approach to service and network solutions that are delivered on time and within budget. When your community is connected by Opticomm, you can be certain it’s built on betterTM.

  1. References to speed are in relation to the capacity of the underlying network infrastructure. The actual speeds delivered will be less than the theoretical maximum of the retail service you purchase, due to equipment and network factors outside the network provider and/or Retail Service Providers (RSPs) control. Your broadband experience and speeds will depend upon a number of factors including the plans supported by your RSP as well as the configuration over which services are delivered to your premises and, whether you are using the internet during busy periods.