Gemlife Bribie Island Case studies

Gemlife Bribie Island is a horizontal gated lifestyle resort for the over 50s.

The Project

The resort features facilities such as full-time on-site managers, recreation vehicle storage and a recreation community centre with facilities such as:

  • Bowling Greens
  • Tennis courts
  • Ballroom
  • Conference Rooms
  • Bar
  • BBQ areas
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Craft, Computer and library Rooms
  • Simulated Golf Course
  • Billiard Room

The development was gated to provide a sense of security. Electronic security was required to manage resident and visitor access through the various entrances. Opticomms scope was to create a sophisticated fibre network that supports not only the residents Telephone and Internet requirements but also integrates other required technologies onto a single fibre network with a single pit and pipe infrastructure. The interconnectivity between these systems give better results and provides capacity for future technologies.

Our Solution

Opticomm designed and installed a single pit and pipe network that delivered a single fibre to each Villa. The single fibre delivered the following services to each Villa:

Internet and telephone through a wide choice of service providers
Opticomm designed the network using GPON technology to provide the resident with the latest in high speed broad with a wide range of service providers. The use of GPON technology allowed the integration of other required technologies to be seamlessly added.

Electronic Security
An electronic access control system was installed and connected to the Opticomm network. Residents were issued with tokens that enabled them to open vehicle and pedestrian gates easily. Vehicle gates were also fitted with License Plate Recognition to make operation simple for the residents.

Gates were fitted with Intercom call stations and the resident’s Villas were fitted with 7” Video touchscreens that enabled visitors to call the Villa from the gate and the resident to grant access through the touch screen. The Opticomm network transported the calls between the gates and the Villas.

CCTV was fitted to the gates and common areas through the development. As the CCTV was connected to the Opticomm network the recordings from the cameras could be centralised on a single recording device.

Any area of the development such as the recreation centre can now utilise the same electronic security assets as a site-wide system with a connection to the Opticomm network.

Free to air & pay TV
All local free to air television channels and Foxtel TV signals are provided across the single fibre. Opticomm processes the signals at a single headend ensuring all the correct signal levels are achieved before they are distributed across the single fibre to each Villa. There is therefore no need for the Villas to have a TV antenna or Satellite dish.

As the site utilises a single TV system a local community TV Infotainment channel can be easily added.

Electronic utility monitoring
A third party metering system was utilised to read Electricity and water meters. This removed the need for manual meter reading. Opticomm transported the signals from the meters across the network for cloud processing and subsequent billing.

Now equipped with an efficient network and smart technology, Gemlife has the infrastructure it needs to maintain its status as a premium Lifestyle Resort.