Eastland Evolves into One of Australia’s Most Innovative Shopping Centres

The Project

Eastland was established in 1967 and its recent redevelopment was an opportunity for the shopping centre to transition to a fibre network infrastructure. We supported the staged redevelopment of Eastland by designing and supplying an integrated communications network (ICN).

In designing the network, we had three key stakeholders to consider:

  • Tenants
  • Building managers
  • Customers

Developing a single fibre network has streamlined operations, enhanced performance and reduced ongoing expenditure costs. The network allows the centre to seamlessly collect and share information and incorporates advanced features that improve connectivity for all key stakeholders.

The final network solution consists of three key elements:

  • A single integrated fibre network
  • Open-access network for tenants to connect to telecommunications providers
  • Integrations for security, parking, analytics and building management

Ready for the future

With new retail technology such as parking systems, facial recognition software and customer analytics now available, Eastland’s existing infrastructure needed upgrading – not just to keep up, but also to equip the centre with a network designed for the future of connectivity.

Working with the shopping centre’s construction team, we completely redesigned Eastland’s network and delivered the infrastructure in line with the project schedule. The resulting fibre-rich GPON network is a cost-effective alternative to the multiple copper networks that had been individually added to the centre in the past. When compared with the operation of these networks, the fibre solution is also a far more energy-efficient alternative.

For retailers, the new network allows them to select the carrier of their choice from our panel of providers. Improved connectivity, free customer Wi-Fi and the option to access to centre analytics also create opportunities to increase revenue.

An additional stream of revenue has also been created for Eastland operators, through the wholesale of voice and data services on the Opticomm network within the centre.

A network to carry advanced integrations

The network supports data collection, information management and security, creating an advanced ecosystem of integrations. Eastland now has greater control over its operations with this technology in place.

  • Wi-Fi analytical software
  • Video analytics
  • Parking guidance system
  • Parking payment
  • Facial recognition system
  • CCTV
  • Real-time location system (RTLS)
  • Wireless lockers
  • Building management system (BMS)
  • Various IP connections for different applications
  • Free customer Wi-Fi

Now equipped with an efficient network and smart technology, Eastland has the infrastructure it needs to maintain its status as a premium retail destination.